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In this letter I distinguish between “belief” and “worship”.

Would you agree that “worship” is not “accepting a  certain creed as true”? I imagine that you acknowledge that worship is not an  exercise of the intellect. I propose to define worship as “submission towards” – could you agree to that definition?

I  will proceed with my argument assuming that you accept that  definition.

“Submitting towards” could be done in an outward act of  bowing in submission or bringing an offering to – without any feelings of the  heart involved. These would be idolatrous if done towards another entity aside  from the God of Israel – but that is not the idolatry I am talking of here. The  submission I am talking is “the surrendering of the heart towards”.

Feelings of submission  towards God that are triggered of by physical images – such as the beauty of a mountain that  I recognize…

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